About Superior Surveying
Superior Surveying Services has been surveying the Southwest since 1988. After accumulating more than 16 years experience with other Valley surveying companies, Randy Delbridge decided to begin his own surveying practice. Over the past two decades, he has successfully expanded Superior’s territory beyond Arizona. Superior also serves clients in California, Nevada and New Mexico.

It’s not always business as usual for the Superior team. They quickly recognized that clients needed more than what most of Superior’s competitors were willing or able to provide. This challenged the Superior team to deliver higher quality results more quickly and across multiple markets.

Here’s how Superior gets the job done:

Attention to Detail
Superior combines both ccuracy and to get the job done above and beyond your expectations. It’s the attention to detail that ensures your project is done right and on time. This sets the firm far ahead of their competition.

Have you ever needed to turn a project around quickly that was dumped on your desk late Friday afternoon? If it was after 5 p.m., you usually had to wait until Monday to get the project in front of a surveying company for a quote. Not with Superior on speed dial. There have been many times projects have come to Superior after 5 p.m.

Time is Money
The most frequently asked question is how long it will take to get the job completed. It’s no surprise that time is a common motivating factor in almost every Superior job. Our team can usually meet any time sensitive requirement, even if it means working overtime and during the weekend to ensure your job is done and delivered on time.

Expanding Territory
No job is too small, too big or too far away for Superior. Being registered in multiple states, we can provide you with solutions that go beyond the borders of Arizona. For example, a client in Phoenix may be working with a business partner in Las Vegas to buy a building in San Diego. Because Superior is registered to work in all three states, the job is accepted and delivered without any delays.

Simplified Process
In an effort to make your life easier, Superior has developed standard formatting and computer drafted surveys to provide consistent, legible and easy-to-read drawings. Additionally, title commitment items and problem areas are shown on the survey using a convenient numbering system. Surveys are also color-coded for easy title report exception recognition. And because all of the data is saved electronically, you can receive quotes, order surveys and request copies online via this website or by calling the main office.

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