With over 30 years in business, our professional services have been retained by a wide range of clientele, from local municipalities and government agencies to civil engineers, architects, title companies, attorneys, cartographers & photogrammetrists, commercial and residential developers and private land owners. We have the expertise and experience to perform accurate and reliable field work and produce detailed high quality maps. 

The technology is always changing and we take great pride in using the most advanced technology available in both field instruments and computer software. These advancements greatly improve the speed and accuracy of our work. By using up-to-date Trimble GPS system, it provides Superior with pin-point accuracy, which has enabled the firm to have successfully surveyed hundreds of thousands of acres across northern Arizona’s forests, the vast deserts spanning southern Arizona and everything in between.

Here are the types of surveys we provide: 

ALTA/ACSM – An ALTA Survey shows the relationship between boundaries in the property’s deed and existing improvements. This is the most comprehensive type of land survey, as it covers all features and characteristics of a property. It provides a title company or lender with the necessary location and survey data to issue an American Land Title Association or Extended Coverage Title Insurance Policy. 
Topographic – A Topographic Survey is used by architects and engineers for planning site improvements and developments. It locates both natural and man-made features. This could include elevations, streams, trees, contours, existing improvements, fences, utilities, and buildings.
Boundary – A Boundary Survey locates corners and boundary lines and is used to legally define the limits of a property. It may also include locating easement lines and encroachments.
Description/Exhibit – Descriptions clearly describe a subject area. They can describe land, easements, improvements, or key locations in a property. The map that accompanies and portrays the Description is called the Exhibit. These are used in the process of transferring land and constructing improvements. They also aid in settling land disputes and ensuring improvements or sales are being conducted on the intended land.
Lot Split – A Lot Split defines the boundary of a property, and then divides the property into two or more new, clearly defined parcels. This includes a Boundary survey and Descriptions of the newly existing parcels.








If you have an up coming project to discuss, we would love to hear from you. Our experts are on hand to provide you with sound advice about your project.